Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

What makes Lower Farm a healthy school?

Lower Farm is at the heart of the Lower Farm estate and we welcome children from varied backgrounds. We respect each individual regardless of race, gender or individual needs. 

We place a huge importance on the well-being and health of our pupils. We support children’s welfare in a variety of ways including whole school assemblies to address areas of self-esteem and bullying. A child’s safety is high on our agenda. We encourage our pupils to show respect for each other and members of staff. We have a consistent approach to behaviour; we do not tolerate negative actions and children understand that they are responsible for their own actions. We encourage independent learners from nursery onwards. Our children are taught basic self –care skills in Early Years which provides them with a solid foundation to build upon as they progress throughout our school. We have high expectations of all our students and expect their very best at all times. Our staff are very supportive and responsive to children’s emotions and welfare. 

We encourage children to bring in healthy snacks during break time. Children in Early Years and Key Stage One are provided with a healthy snack on a daily basis. Children in nursery and reception are given milk. We ask our children to fill their bottles with water. We do not promote fizzy drinks. Our Rooster restaurant provides children with a healthy school dinner. Fruit and salad are available every day. 

At Lower Farm, we offer a range of physical activities to help keep our children active. We have a multisports club; dodgeball for both key stages; gymnastics club; dance and girls football. Our children also have two hours of physical exercise every week. We provide a balanced curriculum that includes a range of activities such as netball, athletics and swimming. Many of our children also take part in activities outside of school. We like to share their achievements during our Friday assemblies. We also have photos of our students who excel at sports as we believe these talented children are excellent role models and show a great enthusiasm for their chosen sport. We like to start our day with our wake up, shake up dance. We participate in singing assemblies as a whole school.

We believe all children have a voice and we ensure all our children have the chance to express their thoughts through our school council. We embrace change that enables our children to move forward. Our prefects are fantastic role models and they support our younger children. At Lower Farm, our children are at the centre of our learning. We are a happy school.