Assembly and Collective Worship

School assemblies form an important part of the school day and allow for vital links with the school community. They fulfil a variety of needs, including fostering of personal, social, moral and community values, and statutory requirements. Assemblies also provide opportunities for congratulations, sharing and rewarding success of individuals and group achievements.

Lower Farm Primary is non-denominational and seeks to educate its pupils in the aspects of the Christian religion, whilst respecting and recognising a variety of other religions which may be practised by our pupils and their families.

There is a statutory requirement for a daily act of worship of a “broadly Christian” nature. Staff ensure appropriate assemblies are conducted daily and seek further advice from the Headteacher where necessary.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the purely religious aspects of assemblies. Please inform the Headteacher in writing if you have such a request.

Assemblies at Lower Farm take place in our Performing Arts Hall. Visitors often lead assemblies as part of our curriculum enrichment and to encourage community links. Parents are welcome to attend the class and family celebration assemblies. In each class two children are given a certificate each week – one for effort and one for service. These can be nominated by any member of staff, pupil or adult for the class teacher to put forward. We also encourage parents to send in any certificates children receive outside of school.

The Deputy Headteacher will produce a rota on a half termly basis to identify members of staff responsible for leading assembly or pupil supervision as appropriate. The following elements are included in all assemblies:

In order to promote a sense of occasion and importance, pupils walk from their classroom, enter the hall and sit down quietly. Children are supervised by the class teacher during the assembly. At the end of the assembly, pupils wait to be dismissed and leave the hall quietly.

We are very proud to have our own school song entitled "We are Lower Farm". The song was composed by our Music Leader, Mrs Pardesi and Mr Waring. The lyrics are based on a poem that was written by Mrs Broughton, who taught at Lower Farm for over ten years. Sadly, Mrs Broughton died in 2021. We are privileged to honour her memory through our school song and an annual Poetry Award. 

Lower Farm School Song.mp4